2021/03/11 22:14

- English follows Japanese

◆ おうち洗濯OK


◆ 普通に干してOK

◆ 柔軟剤NG

◆ アイロンOK

◆ 濡れたままにしない

◆ 強く擦らない

◆ Home laundry recommended
The weather stoles and snoods are 100% cotton made.
We recommend washing at home.

Since natural dyes such as indigo and persimmon astringent are used, 
please wash your hands with the stole alone, especially at the beginning.
* Do not use bleach. Do not use detergent containing fluorescent agent as it may cause discoloration.

◆ Can dry it normally
Recommend hanging it in a well-ventilated shade to dry.
* Do not use tumble drying. It dries quickly in natural air.

◆ Fabric softener is NOT recommended
The weather stoles and snoods have a nano-water repellent finish.
Please avoid using fabric softener as it will reduce the water repellency.
* If you accidentally use fabric softener, wash it again and you can restore the water-repellency.

◆ Can use iron
After washing, the moisture will be completely out and you may be worried about the stiffness peculiar to cotton.
In such a case, by steam ironing will absorb moisture moderately and restore the good feels.
No need to use fabric softener!
It will return to the comfort of being wrapped in a freshly washed towel. Please try it.

Other notes)
◆ Do NOT leave it wet
It is an indigo dyed product. Leaving it wet may cause color transfer.

◆ Do NOT rub strongly
Please note that rubbing strongly even in a dry state may cause color transfer.